Monthly Archives: September 2015


Well, the apocalypse happened after all.

Techbroil vanished from internet just one day after TMR  was ravaged by CSS- and javascripts hacks. I have no idea whether both events are related, but the timing makes you wonder. Was techbroil somehow hacked as well?

I hope Techbroil and Jerkface will come back soon.

In the meantime, TMR and this blog is apparently all that’s left from the LHB community. All broiltards (and TMRers) are welcomed to carry on.

Maybe I will  open up a new blog later in addition to this one, because the name “penguinday” implies a Linux-focus, but the freetards have been over-analyzed to death and the topic is pretty much done. A new blog is definitely going to be “techbroil II”, just without any SJW-stuff.

So yeah, carry on in the comments sections of this post.  This blog uses a wordpress subdomain instead of an own domain-name, so it shouldn’t vanish like techbroil did, or piestar (or TMR for a few months). WordPress is also less buggier than blogspot and doesn’t blow up once a certain number of comments has been reached.

The e-mail, website and name fields are optional by the way. If you don’t enter anything into them, the comment still gets posted. I wish I could remove the e-mail field, but that’s only possible with scripts, and scripts are only allowed with the paid-for packages. But as we have seen, blogs you have to pay for monthly tend to disappear.