Windows 10: Of upgrading and shit-eating

And so it begins:

Windows Update in W10 pushes faulty nVidia drivers out which are unstoppable/unhidable and already trash PCs.

Of course, given the NuMicrosoft tradition, it doesn’t stop here.

I knew exactly this would happen. Basic common sense. I had seen more than enough cases where PCs got bricked by faulty updates and the remedy was to hide the offending updates. You really don’t need crystal ball to conclude that removing the ability to control updates would thus cause huge problems in the long run. In fact, just recently I had a problem with Windows Update on W7 that would have been an outright catastrophe on Windows 10:

I’ve had again crashes with IMAP and Outlook 2010. Microsoft knows this issue but doesn’t list all updates which may do this:

So anyway, it crashes again, and this time KB3054976 is the perpetrator (released last patch day, and not on the above list). When I have it on, I get a crash, when I uninstall it the crashes are gone. It’s reproducable.

Now of course, after I uninstall it, it appears again on Windows Update. So I have to hide it. On Windows 10 this is not possible anymore. At best you can disable WU completely through a registry hack or the services-list, which is a very sub-optimal solution to say the least.

Once you get such a situation (not exactly uncommon!) you’re completey FUBARed on Windows 10: You either live with crashes (in this case on every Outlook start-up!) or you have to deactivate Windows Update completely! So much for the improved security the forcing and crippling of WU W10 brings.

Well OK, I can think of another “solution” in such case on W10: You save the working files and kludge up some batch file that copies them over the faulty ones Windows Update shoves up on every reboot. What a bizarre result of Microsoft “simplifying things”.

Either Microsoft’s programmers are gonna be replaced by magical fairies or control of updates is a must. Everything else is a disaster, it’s really THAT SIMPLE.

Now let’s look at the two main arguments the shills and MS do come up with:


Browsers do this, as do iPhones!

Oh really?!

Sorry, but a PC OS is a far more complicated affair than a browser or a smartphone, given all the possible software and hardware configurations and use cases. Microsoft reasonings on this matter probably fall into a dozen of “argumentum ad..” fallacies.


Some people don’t have automatic updates activated!


We haven’t had an outbreak of Blaster-proportions for quite some time, so the update regime seemed to work more or less. And it probably worked because the updates weren’t done in a dictatorial manner. Had a problem? Hide the update! You’re doing something where a restart would be a problem? Deactivate updates for a while! FUCKING SIMPLE STUFF.

But now you need to cripple brute-forcely the Windows Update Service as a whole: How the heck is that better? And that’s just what people will increasingly do the more annoying WU gets. The internet is already full of tutorials on how to kill WU completely on W10. People will do this. How is completely killing WU better for MS than the fine-granular control in W7? Stupid.

This company is whacked since 2012, completely whacked. Windows 8, Original Xbone, bleached out Office, the updater in Windows 10.. it was so frigging retardedly obvious that all this stuff would bomb, you really don’t need to be a genius for this, turning on basic common sense and it flies straight into your face how STUPID all these decisions were, at the first frigging glance.

Microsoft’s main problem is that all their conclusions since 2012 are completely loontarded and defy the simplest forms of logic. They all go like this:

1. Flies eat excrement
2. Flies and humans are lifeforms
3. Humans should eat shit

1. Boats swim
2. Boats and cars are vehicles
3. Cars swim

Yeah, it’s totally stupid, but exactly this logic forms the basis of ALL newer Microsoft products:

1. Smartphones are touch-based
2. Smartphones and PCs are computers
3. PCs should be touch-centric

Usability and ergonomics? What’s that?

1. Many games on the PC are online-activated
2. Consoles play games
3. Xbone should have maxi-DRM

No thought whatsoever that the reason many gamers ended up on the console in the first place was because they were fed up by that DRMization on the PC, and no thought whatsoever about the established practice of second-hand games on consoles. That they would reap a shitstorm was an absolute given.

1. Chrome doesn’t let you control the update-process
2. Chrome and Windows are both software
3. The update process on Windows should be crippled

Microsoft’s logic of the past three years makes sense only for like 100 milliseconds: The timespan the brain needs until all the logic-centers are activated. After this your brain just screams “Wait, this doesn’t make sense at all. This is STUPID”.

Damn, I once liked this company.


2 responses to “Windows 10: Of upgrading and shit-eating

  1. meh – So Microsoft will have to figure it out the hard way. This one’s going to hurt.
    Of course one can simply stay away from the free W10 upgrade until next June, or buy it pre-installed with you next computer…

    And so it goes.

  2. Browsers do this, as do iPhones!

    I HATE the fact PlayServices silently upgrades on the backround without asking (though truth be said, it doesn’t bitch and moan for restarts like Windows does, nor does it hold your PC hostage for 10-15 minutes when rebooting, or suprise reboot at 3AM).

    Why would I want that on my laptop too?

    It’s as if Microsoft set as their goal to incorporate all the bad things about smartphones and tablets (silent upgrades, no control over anything and gnome-lized UIs – let’s be honest, most touch apps follow the gnome inhuman interface guidelines) while keeping all the bad things about laptops (crap responsiveness, wasting of free space for restore points that never get autoremoved, slow boot and slow upgrades) into a single product line. And call it Surface (Pro). And proclaim it an “iPad-killer”.

    Eat, folks. Ya know you want.

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