And Linux still sucks

One year ago a brave soul (also known as the great Lunduke) proposed ways to improve the Linux Desktop:

Well, 12 months have passed and Linux on the desktop still sucks. Lunduke’s proposal in this video was that Linux desktop users should pay for software, donate 100$ per month for GIMP… madness. Yes, this would most likely make desktop Linux better, but it won’t be the same Linux we all love so much anymore.

He is forgetting what the motivation for most people is to run Linux. Take any of those “why linux is better” websites, what are the main reasons it is “better”?



Don’t pay $300 for your operating system


Why copy software illegally if you can get it for free?


Play hundreds of games for free

Hundreds of games are released under a free (as in “free beer” and as in “free speech”)

Take the “free” (as in beer) away and Linux crumbles totally. It’s the only thing that truly speaks in its favour as desktop OS. The rest (stability, viruses) are moot points, Windows and Mac are just as stable now. Maybe even more.

Lunduke’s only argument why his proposal might work, is that some Linux users paid for his programs (1 in 50 visitors?). But he doesn’t explain what programs those were. And just why should someone pay 100$ dollars per month for GIMP if he/she can just as well buy the much more powerful Photoshop? Just because Gimp is “libre”?

If you want pay for your software regulary, run Windows and Mac. You will get better software to boot.  OK, I’ve forgot, there is still the fanatical FSF sect who cares primarily about the ideological purity. But with the “popularity” of Ubuntu, this sect is getting marginalized even in the Linux world. The cheapskates are the main audience.

Let’s face the truth: There is NO technical superiority of the Linux system anymore compared to Windows and Mac.  It was the case in the 90s, Linux was indeed technically a better OS than the Win9x line and classical Mac, but this is the ancient past now.  Freetards can now cry “Viruses, Viruses!” as long as they want, but the truth is, it has much to do with market share and the fact that users like to install shady software, as Android is experiencing right now. If you like deathmarches, you can depend solely on repositories of course, but the bad outweighs the good here. The only argument freetards bring forth at this point is usually the ancient “IIS Argument” which has been debunked long ago as well.

And seriously, get rid of the “Linux is secure by design” trademark. That design was even present in NT 4.0 already. Seriously, it’s comical how freetards still to this day are just floored by user account separation.

In short, there are only two realistic reasons to use Linux on the desktop today:

1. You have an axe to grind with MS/Apple
2. Cost

Paying for Linux kinda defeats the most important point. So of course, it’s one year later, and Linux still sucks.


6 responses to “And Linux still sucks

  1. You forgot FREEEDOM!


  2. To be correct you are a complete idiot and you just proved it with the claim that there is not techical superiority Linux over Windows on secuirty..

    Secuirty design in Linux is based off the old DOD rainbow books. pre 2000 security design of Linux vs Windows of today yes there is no techical advantage. Post 2000 there is huge difference.

    What is the change in 2000. selinux implementation of the DOD rainbow books. If you put Linux and Windows head to head with the rainbow books Linux is way ahead. Microsoft complained that rainbow books were too hard to implement to got change to common critieria assessment and since then the number of breaches to USA Goverment have gone through roof. So far infact that drone control and other system that were deployed on windows are having windows removed and replaced by Linux because windows cannot be secured due to lacking internal design features required to secure it.

    Next linux kernel out box will support read only disk checked against TPM chip to prevent even off-line tampering. Windows were is this feature it don’t have it at all.

    Linux kernel might have the most secure frameworks on earth. These frameworks are not the most home userfriendly so home users normally don’t have them on.

    “But he doesn’t explain what programs those were. And just why should someone pay 100$ dollars per month for GIMP if he/she can just as well buy the much more powerful Photoshop? Just because Gimp is “libre”?”

    Look at blender. Then ask what is the advantage of libre. When it got funded it was behind most of its competition. Today its one of the lead 3d tools in the market. Where something is in the market can change. That photoshop is top dog in a lot of people eyes today does not mean it will stay this way. Personally for most home photo users digikam is the best solution just it does not exist on windows as a stable solution. So that would be worth the 100 dollars from stacks of people to get on windows to remove need to buy photoshop in most cases.

    There are particular applications that are Linux and OS X only that beet there compeition on windows hands down and is FOSS the only reason why they are not used more is that they don’t exist on windows.

    Of course you are to lazy to do reasearch and find that particular applications are great on Linux and OSX and windows users are missing out.

  3. PS USA mil has windows source code so can modify it as required. Windows just too much of a mess internally to be fixed.

  4. Let’s be real: Smurfette would be constantly gangbanged IRL

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