Withholding Internet Explorer 10 from Vista is a terrible decision

This blog is all about the problems of Linux and especially the cult-like mentality many of its supporters have. Criticizing Linux meant often times defending Microsoft, since that company is demonized beyond belief by the freetards to further their own cause.

But, I am not blind and I have no problems pointing out the shortcomings of companies when it needs to be done. Microsoft announced that it will not release Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Vista:


Regarding Windows Vista, our decision with IE9 [and 10] was not to build to the lowest common denominator .. Microsoft confirmed that the new browser is intended only for Windows 7

What?! Windows Vista together with the Platform Update that was released for it in 2009 is almost equal to Windows 7 API wise.

The core component of the new Internet Explorer versions, Direct2D, is available on Vista. Microsoft themselves have said that the update was designed to “[make] it easier for developers to develop for Windows 7 and Windows Vista without impacting their users“.  (source)

The Platform Update includes among other parts:

Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library: components for developers to leverage the latest advancements in modern graphics technologies for gaming, multimedia, imaging and printing applications. It includes updates to DirectX to support hardware acceleration for 2D, 3D and text based scenarios; DirectCompute for hardware accelerated parallel computing scenarios; and XPS Library for document printing scenarios.

Just what the hell will Internet Explorer 10 will do, that this will not be enough to run it? Killing of the support for Windows XP with Internet Explorer 9 was understandable, this action is not.

Given the fact that the time frame between the first Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview and the final of IE9 was exactly one year, as it was the case with the first public beta version of IE 8 and the final, and the fact that the first Platform Preview of IE10 is already available, it most likely means that IE10 final will be released around April 2012. The mainstream support for Vista ends on the tenth of April 2012:


I guess this means IE10 will probably be released just a few days after the end of mainstream support, just narrowly in time to justifiy the shaft Vista users will get. I won’t be surprised if Microsoft artificially delays the RTM version for a few days just for this purpose. A dick move par excellence.

Yes, Vista was not exactly well received, most of it was due to massive exaggeration of issues that were mostly fixed with SP1 I might add, but this doesn’t justify this decision. Of course, Microsoft legally has all the rights to do this, but it doesn’t change the fact that this policy is boneheaded to the extreme and feels almost like an expression of contempt for the people who bought Windows Vista.

A bad move that tarnishes the Windows brand and the trust in the product for no good reason.


9 responses to “Withholding Internet Explorer 10 from Vista is a terrible decision

  1. Is it really that big of deal? In fact, Windows 7 will require an update to be applied before Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 4 will work properly…

    Not only that, but by the time IE10 is finished, Windows 8 will be out, or will be out in a short time thereafter, meaning IE10 will be supported on two versions of Windows, Windows 8 and 7.

  2. Is it really that big of deal?

    Vista still has more market share than Linux and all Mac versions combined, I don’t think this will change within one year.

    Worse, it sends out a bad signal. In fact, with this decision, Microsoft legitimizes all the FUD that was directed towards the OS. The message is basically: “Oh yes, there were right, Vista sucks ass.. sorry if you were dumb enough to invest into it”. Although I am now on Win7, I’ve used Vista in the past without much problems and I know that the malice towards it was mostly just negative-hype (7 contains the same “DRM” as Vista, so where is Gutmann now?). The same negativity was there of course with XP too, as I’ve showed on this blog, but the internet echo chamber was just bigger in 2007 and XP didn’t have a successor for a long time, the main reason for its popularity.

    Basically, Microsoft just boosted the ABMers and freetards in their position. I could understand it, if IE 10 (W7 only) would be released in 2013, one full year after the end of mainstream support for Vista, just like with IE 7 and Win2k. It would be far easier to swallow. But everything points to a release in April 2012. It looks like MS will be meticulously counting days just to shaft Vista users. It is really petty-minded and feels like a decision based on ignorance or worse and shows disrepect for the people who run the OS Microsoft wants to forget about.

    And it tarnishes the Windows brand as a whole. New Windows versions will be sort of like a gamble “hm, should I invest in Windows 8 or wait to see whether there will be a negative-hype or not?”. The current action gives the impression that when a Windows version won’t be loved by everyone instantly, MS will drop it like a hot potato as fast as possible.

    This doesn’t inspire trust.

  3. Have to agree with withholding IE10 for Vista being a bad move and expect Microsoft will reverse its decision in time, just like they did with IE 7 and 8 on XP. There are key differences between the situations with Vista and XP:

    • Vista is not old.

    Vista was released to the general public 1Q 2007 and will be approximately five years old when IE10 is released. These days you figure the lifespan of a MS OS is about 10 years, so Vista is only about halfway through.

    • Vista doesn’t need any “help” in terms of deprecating

    Vista was the most publicly despised release since ME and Bob before it. This just adds fuel to the fire.

    • Technical challenges aren’t there

    While Microsoft tends to exaggerate when it says newer frameworks are “impossible” to backport, there are challenges when dropping from Blackcomb-based releases and Windows XP. This is much less true with dropping from 7 to Vista because not only do they have a common heritage but there’s a Platform Update to smooth out remaining incompatibilities. If Microsoft’s fear is that the software won’t be installed, they should boost its priority to a required update and/or bundle it with the next Service Pack.

    • The competition doesn’t have these problems

    Unless Microsoft is intentionally getting out of the general purpose browser market, this is an ill conceived move. Firefox works fine all the way back to Windows 2000, and he elimination of 9X was fairly recent (a year or two ago?). I expect to see W2K dropped in the next major release as, come on, they stopped providing updates of any kind nearly a year ago, but no one’s going to complain other than those wacko holdouts still clutching their AMD K6s and Cyrix 6x86s.


    Then again, Microsoft also did this with IE6SP2–and, thus, IE7–on Windows 2000 and got away with it, though prematurely cutting Windows 2000 support may have had something to do with why IE6 became so entrenched.

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  5. “AMD K6s and Cyrix 6x86s”
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  7. Really sign of idiot again. Is there any particular reason why XP cannot run Direct X 10 applications. Answer is nothing other than Microsoft being a prick. The prototypes of Direct X 10 with a Direct X 9 backend was done on XP that is used in Vista and Windows 7 in case of having a card without a Direct X 10 driver.

    With holding bits is how Microsoft forces people to update. Are you really that supprised.

    When you know the facts there is no particular reason why Internet Explorer 10 could not be released for XP as well. Its just Microsoft wanting to force people to use old products get virus infected enough that they upgrade.

  8. Well I have never upgraded to IE9 on Windows Vista or on Windows 7. I still have IE8 on both. So I am certainly not going to upgrade to IE10. Windows Vista is slower than Windows 7 and so IE9 is no good for Windows Vista. And I have tried IE9 on Windows 7 and it is very slow. So I have IE8 on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. And I have un-installed the horrible IE10 from my Windows 8. So if anyone asks me when am I going to install IE9,the answer to that question is,NEVER. And I am not installing IE10,NO WAY.Andrea Borman.

  9. It’s a shame that Microsoft is doing this… IE9 doesn’t feel like the right candidate to be the last version of IE for Windows Vista. The operating system deserves better.

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