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And the freetards hated…

OK, I have asked in the previous post: which Windows version was the one, that especially “freetards” hated?

The results:

Windows 98 ( 0.0% )

Windows Me ( 19.35% )

Windows XP ( 19.35% )

Windows Vista ( 45.16% )

Windows 7 ( 16.13% )

Well, in this case, the minority was right, because the Windows version, that freetards hated the most was:




Posted Image

Posted Image

YES! Windows XP! Surprised huh? Windows Vista was hated too, but, freetards had even more venom when XP was released. You must remember that at the time Vista was released, community sites like Digg and the like already existed, so the Vista-negativity was more ubiquitos,  while in 2001 the freetards had less places to vent. Despite this, when XP came out, the tone in freetarded circles was even worse.

The above graphics are from a now defunct site called “BoycottXP”, it was established in 2001, shortly before the release of XP. Here is an old snapshot:


Quote from the site:

We’ve noticed lots of submissions from Anonymous Heros, and while we aren’t going to prohibit that just yet we want to encourage everyone to create an account before submitting. Also, try to keep comments as comments and actual story submissions as story submissions. We’re working on this becoming more automated – but for now control yourselves!

Here’s a snapshot of how XP was received by the freetards:


WinXP is just Windows 2000 SE!

Yeah, so it begins alright… another rehashed OS with a huge hype machine behind it.

WinXP is the equivalent of Windows 98 SE. Nothing really new here, just a bunch of

integrated utilities and a revamped configuration system.…909&cid=2340198

From: September 2001



XP could sink Microsoft

Just think, consumers are not sold on XP, and Microsoft shelled out some
major $$$ to develop this thing. Customers are wary of this whole
product activation thingie. Also, MS is more concerned about their
revenue streams than they are about the consumer. What about all the
customers who have faithfully invested time and $$$ in
buying/using/learning to use Microsoft software? Is this how MS treats

This is a great opportunity for alternative operating systems to
intercept the ball, and run it back for a touchdown.…1867c9ca0?hl=en

Posted: October 2001



And so it begins….

XP will be the doom of Microsoft. One day in the future, XP will be studied along with the Apple III, IBM Micro Channel Architecture, and Intel/Rambus as an example of corporate arrogance trumping common sense with DISATEROUS results.

As one /. poster has put it (brilliantly, I might add), that with XP, Microsoft has done to itself what the DOJ never could have done: Release a product that will ENABLE competition, and possibly ruin the company.

XP is the product of the two biggest sins a corporation can commit: arrogance and contempt. It’s arrogant in that it’s overpriced, offers NOTHING new over WIndows 2000, and in fact, takes away from it.

The “Home” version strips you of network capability, unlike 98/95/ME/2000, it CANNOT be used as a client on anything but a peer-to-peer network. It won’t allow you to log into a NT domain. I haven’t tested it to see if Novell Client 32 will allow logins to a Netware server, but I’d suspect that it’s broken as well. It has no support for SMP at all (though 9X didn’t either), to get SMP requires the $200 “Professional” version upgrade. None of this is because XP can’t do SMP or serve as a network client, it’s because MS chose to deliberately CRIPPLE it, and yet sell it for a radically increased price over ME/98.

The Home version upgrade is 100% more expensive than ME! (ME could be had for $50 to upgrade from 98). For what benefit? None that I can tell. Sure, you are likely to gain some of 2000’s stability, but you will surely lose game compatibility (which is why the deplorable Win `9X is still the gamers OS). Is that worth $100? Not to me. And I’d bet not to many joe blows.

MS comits the sin of contempt with Product Activation, and it’s spyware nature. XP “decides” how far to let you upgrade your hardware before requiring reactication. Which can lose you your data if there is but the SLIGHTEST glitch in this process. MS is better known for creating “unintended consequences” in it’s “features” than it is in writing bug-free code. XP constantly monitors your hardware configuration,assigning it a “checksum” number via some formula, and if it gets too far from the “checksum” number originally generated when you installed it, it will CEASE to function.

I hope they have those support lines well staffed.

That’s right, now on a XP system, the system owner does NOT have root access to the machine! This is something no MS OS has attempted to do before.

Even if XP didn’t have the fatal flaws of arrogance and contempt, the fact that it’s a 100%-200% increase in price over 9X alone would be enough to doom it. In this time of economic crisis, particularly in the tech sector, a 100+% increase in the “MS Tax” will do nothing but slow sales, ESPECIALLY when you expect MS to make licenses of ME, 98, and 2000 scarce quickly.

The “window” of opportunity for Linux is open.


Posted: September 2001



Windows XP sucks so bad

Why is an OS created to make my life a living hell ? Why is an OS created to
make me have to buy all new hardware just to make it function properly ? Why
should I not get a refund when my computer exceeds all the minimum
requirements on the side of the box and still doesn’t work ? Why can I not
get a refund when I take the software back to the store and tell them I
disagree with the license agreement ? Why does XP look and feel alot like
Linux KDE
? Why does Linux KDE, which is free, work with everything without
a hitch when XP costs over $100 and takes a squat on every piece of hardware
and software that comes near it ? Why does Bill Gates insist on having so
many GD updates and service packs? Get it right before it is released to the
public butthole. Why is it that the only computers that I have seen function
properly with XP rather have HP, Compaq, Dell, etc on the side of them ? I
loathe Compaq…just a thought. Really, Compaq sucks so bad. I know so many
of you are going to say ooh, you just don’t know what you are doing or your
computer is a piece of crap or some bologna like that so let me say this up
front. XP does not work for me, just like ME didn’t work for so many of you,
but ME did for me. My computer is still a very good computer and it gets the
job done very nicely and I will not throw it aside with so many miles left
on it just to run a new OS. . All I am saying here is that XP is an
overpriced piece of garbage which even tech support cannot figure out. At
least they haven’t in all the calls I have taken part in. I will probally go
with a new OS, but it will probally be lindows unless Microsoft sues them so
hard that they cannot even afford to have the CD’s pressed. Just steaming
over XP, nothing more or less.…1eac2d536?hl=en

Posted: January 2002


pirating XP?

Who would want to pirate the Fisher Price operating system? There’s code that aint even

_worth_ stealing.

Posted: November 2001



XP is Shit!

Windows XP is a piece of SHIT! It’s going right back to the store tomorrow.
What a joke. Every Linux distribution I have ever installed goes smoothly,
recognizing everything. Then this “user friendly” monster from MS can’t
install. I think MANY people will return this crap. MS, what were you

Posted: October 2001


Why would you want to buy XP? It is bloated, it is
slow and it’s a hardware hog. Windows 2k is arguably the last best version
of Windows we will see. 

XP, in addition to its other faults, is also a privacy nightmare. Get ready
to sign up with MS’s notoriously insecure Passport site and put your trust
in the hands of Gates and company. I do not advise anyone to buy or
downgrade to XP. I’d convert to Linux before I’d load XP on my machine.…adf9bffe9?hl=en

Posted: October 2001

Quotes from:…pinions/xp.html
Article is from 2001: 

XP Equals eXtra Proprietary

by Michael Tiemann
Red Hat Chief Technical Officer

Microsoft has launched its latest version of Windows, Windows XP (eXtra
Proprietary). Tightening its stranglehold on all industries that use
computers, Microsoft’s XP features are certain to further degrade customer
choice, cost/performance, and in some cases, even civil liberties.

Let’s start with the premise of any free market economy: customer choice.
The Windows XP installation process offers a choice for Internet
connectivity: (1) connect to Microsoft’s proprietary MSN network or (2)
don’t connect at all. In one fell swoop, Microsoft decapitates any and all
Internet Service Providers who exist to provide customers with a wide range
of service choices and capabilities.


In the mean time, Microsoft has been earning $1B/month net income from its
monopoly, money users pay because they believe they have no choice. Should
users who have been unable to free themselves from Microsoft’s regular
proprietary technologies expect life to get any better by buying into
Microsoft’s more powerful eXtra Proprietary technologies? Let’s see.

One of the most controversial new eXtra Proprietary technologies is Windows
Media. In a twist that no framer of the US Constitution could have imagined,
Microsoft is using patents to prevent software interoperability with its
eXtra Proprietary technologies. Of course, Windows Media has to compete with
the immensely popular mp3 format, but Windows XP limits the quality of mp3
encoding and decoding. By intentionally degrading the quality of all
competing technologies, and by allowing only Microsoft-approved uses of its
own technologies, Windows Media has the potential to create yet another
monopoly for Microsoft—a monopoly that extends from software to content.
Such a monopoly would change our entertainment economy from one of unlimited
content at limited cost, to one of limited content with unlimited costs.

Moore’s Law promises that silicon technologies will offer 2x
price/performance improvements every 12-18 months. Yet every version of
Windows (and Windows XP is no exception) conspires to steal most if not all
of the dividends of Moore’s Law. The result is that PC’s have become much
more powerful, but not much cheaper nor much more functional. Microsoft
Windows, on the other hand, has become much more bloated.

Microsoft is hoping thousands of users will rush to stores and spend nearly
$100 for their latest OS. Don’t do it. eXtra Proprietary technologies
require *EXTRA* CPU speed and memory, virtually requiring a hardware upgrade
to go with your software upgrade. Indeed, Microsoft has the audacity to
suggest that if your PC is more than two years old, you should junk it and
get a new one. While PC vendors may welcome that message, such a wasteful
approach is actually bad for the economy because it bankrupts the buyers
that keep the economy going.

Another eXtra Proprietary feature is Passport, a recent winner of a Big
Brother Award ( ). Passport collects
user information (name, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc) and
stores that information at Microsoft. Passport is the “how” that then
gives Microsoft control over the “Who, What, When, Where” and possibly
“Why” of Internet transactions. Microsoft is happy to let customers
exchange personal privacy for convenience within Microsoft’s proprietary

Is this where you really wanted to go today?


Let’s get out of this vicious trap the way we got in: by controlling what we
do with our money. If you are already running Microsoft’s products, do the
sensible thing and BOYCOTT THE MONOPOLIST. Let Microsoft’s latest products
sit in warehouses until Microsoft comes to their senses and removes all the
eXtra Proprietary technologies they’ve been engineering over the past
several years. Wait until Microsoft offers a level playing field to other
operating systems, applications, and network service providers.

For those of you who cannot stand still, join a LUG (Linux Users Group) and
maybe upgrade to Linux. Aside from saving a bundle on licensing fees (there
are none), you’ll get unprecedented freedom and control. With thousands of
Red Hat Certified Engineers, and millions of Linux enthusiasts, *any*
configuration running on *any* hardware can be supported at a fair price
(determined by a free market of competing vendors) for as long as you want.
Suddenly, hardware and software upgrades will be your choice, not a choice
dictated to you. Suddenly, money you spend will be on things that you value,
not things you are forced to pay for. Suddenly, you will begin to see the
engine of growth that Moore’s law enables come back to life, and the
dividends it pays will be ones you can put in your bank account, not the
bank account of a convicted monopolist.

You can still find it here:

Yes, that’s about the same XP, that is so revered today! (Even in semi-freetarded circles)

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again:

The same unsubstantial FUD and exaggerations: What was “DRM” with Vista, was “Passport” and “Windows Media” with XP.

Boycott sites: Boycott XP – Windows7Sins

Arguments: XP is just a Service Pack to Windows 2000.
the same people say now, that Vista was just a Service Pack to XP and 7 is just a SP to Vista. By that logic, almost all Windows users are effectively still using Windows 2000 today.

Not seeing the real deal – NT stability was finally made available to home users. This was the game changer that most freetards completely overlooked.

The astounding hypocrisy so prevalent in the Linux community: The last FUD-ridden article was not written by some run-of-the-mill freetard on Slashdot but by Red Hat. It’s amazing that freetards only accuse Apple and Microsoft (and everyone else) of FUD and “astroturfing” but never saw and still never see the even more blatant FUD on their side.

And the usual “KDE ripoff” accusation (but at the same time, it’s a “Fisher Price” OS, while KDE looks “professional” – so what is it?)

So, the campaigns and arguments we see today with 7 and Vista were first pioneered with XP. It was the Windows OS, that freetards hated the most.


The Most Hated Windows Version

With the recent news about Windows 8 (and the unavoidable freetard-rage that will come with it), it’s time for an aptly timed quiz.

Take your guess: Which Windows version was the one, the freetards hated the most?