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Freetards come back, all is forgiven

Windows 10 already felt on release like an OS from an alternative-reality dystopia, the anniversary update makes it even “better”.

As everyone knows, Microsoft tightened the screws and removed some group policy settings in the Pro version which were there to control ads (“recommendations”) and the lock-screen (other, more pricey versions, still have that control however):

Removing these options is bad enough, the the real kicker is the following page from Microsoft:



Sure, there are still ways to circumvent that stuff by other means, but that “NO” means that Windows 10 Pro Edition (the only higher-tier version without the need for a contract with MS itself) just got an forced DOWNGRADE!

The feature to control this stuff through group policy was an official feature in Windows 10 Pro just yesterday, but now, it’s gone!

It doesn’t matter that there are still some ways to achieve the same resullts – the feature itself shouldn’t be there anymore according to MS. That’s the true kicker. By referring to that page, they could deactivate the cmdlets and other means to script the removal of ads/app recommendations with another series of patches.

That’s the true kick in the balls of Windows 10’s “service” model: It’s only servicing Microsoft. Windows 10 is an OS that can actively work against your interests, in case your interests don’t align with Microsoft’s. They can take away stuff at whim now, downgrade whole editions and your only way to escape is deactivate the updater service entirely, but then  you’re at risk falling victim to other cyber criminals. Tough luck.

To further insult the customers, Windows 10 Pro isn’t free anymore in any case. If it were  completely free of cost every time, well.. you get what you pay for. But getting such a treatment over a paid product is truly the icing on the cake.

I used to laugh at the freetards regarding their paranoia, but some of those crazy mid 90s Linux newsgroup posts are too close to home now, which is quite incredible.

It’s not paranoia anymore when you see a forced downgrades gleefully announced on the respective websites.