Worse than Windows 10

Limux is finally done for:


Politicians at open-source champion Munich will next week vote on whether to abandon Linux and return to Windows by 2021.

The city authority, which made headlines for ditching Windows, will discuss proposals to replace the Linux-based OS used across the council with a Windows 10-based client.

If the city leaders back the proposition it would be a notable U-turn by the council, which spent years migrating about 15,000 staff from Windows to LiMux, a custom version of the Ubuntu desktop OS, and only completed the move in 2013.

The new plan, put forward by officials in the CSU and SPD parties, states a Windows 10 client has to be ready for use across the council by 2021 at the latest.

“The proposal aims to ensure that no later than by the end of 2020, a new Windows Basic Client should be the standard city client,” a Munich city council spokesman said.

The use of the open-source Thunderbird email client and LibreOffice suite across the council would also be phased out, in favour of using “market standard products” that offer the “highest possible compatibility” with external and internal software.

The full council will vote on whether to back the plan next Wednesday. If all SPD and CSU councillors back the proposal put forward by their party officials, then this new proposal will pass, because the two parties hold the majority.

Dr Florian Roth, leader of the Munich Green Party, said he expected the council to back the proposal, given the greater number of SPD and CSU members.

“The direction is back to Windows,” he said.

Yeah, no further comment neccessary I think. Too bad they couldn’t have waited at least one more year for the ten year anniversary of LHB.


1,582 responses to “Worse than Windows 10

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  42. Were it not for Linux’ long-standing installed base and massive 1% market share, it seems unlikely that anyone would argue seriously for the merit of the operating system, plagued as it is by incompetence, personal hygiene problems and complete lack of usable applications.

    Bricks, however, are another matter. Though certainly a minority, house owners are passionate and vocal enough to make it clear that bricks must be doing something right — whether that “something” has anything to do with their house or not.

    As an outspoken fan of bricks, I’ll make no bones about where my preference lies — and that I think the success of Linux is mostly a matter of marketing. Whatever your own personal beliefs, though, there’s no denying that there are certain things bricks clearly do better than Linux. If you’re trying to decide on a platform for your house, these factors are worth keeping in mind.

    1. Security

    No question: go with bricks. Bricks are pre-formatted for your own personal security: they work out of the box. With Ubuntu, however, it can take up to six months for your computer to turn into a slightly less functional equivalent of a brick. I’m told that Ubuntu are speeding this process up, but why wait? Buy bricks today!

    2. Customizability

    I can understand that there are some users who want to spend hours in gconf-edit, and picking and choosing between garish desktop environments. Perhaps they want to shift icons and buttons from the right hand side of the screen to the left hand side? Perhaps they feel the need to download a small amount of Python code, via the GUI repository interface, and turn their computer into a brick*?

    With bricks, you already have a brick! More than one, if you feel like it. You don’t have to pick favourites. Bricks just don’t care! The choice really is yours, as it should be. Go ahead, spoil yourself — move those bricks around until they look just right! Bet you can’t do that on a Linux Desktop.

    3. Hardware

    Hand-in-hand with the question of flexibility is the fact that Linux is very restrictive in the hardware that it will work with. WiFi? Good luck. Audio stack? Sometimes, in a sort of hump-backed fashion. Graphics acceleration? Well, obviously, if the manufacturer provides the specs for free and ignores constant insults. So, er, not.

    One of the most endearing virtues of bricks, on the other hand, is that you have lower expectations at the start. Bricks aren’t supposed to run WiFi or video or MP3 (although there’s a rumour that Tim Cook is secretly designing iBricks for precisely these purposes). Bricks are just bricks. Good, honest, bricks.

    4. Reliability

    Reinstallations and pointless farting around with config files are pretty much a fact of life when you’re a Linux user, but bricks offer a completely different experience. Many house owners, in fact, have never experienced unplanned re-bricking. No wonder, then, bricks are so often the building block of choice on houses. What owner can afford unnecessary grouting these days?

    5. Engineering

    It almost seems too easy to point this out, but, well, bricks have three thousand years of engineering expertise behind them. Linux? Not so much — it’s got even less engineering “baked in” than Windows machines, in fact.

    Sure, there are distro vendors who will try to convince you that Linux is better engineered than a brick. That, however, is just a myth. A Linux desktop certainly looks like a brick, and, within a restricted set of parameters, it certainly behaves like a brick. But, as I’ve noted before, such arguments typically don’t factor in the cost of being cemented in with a particular Linux distro.

    You want proper engineering, built to purpose and likely to last more than six months? Buy bricks. They just get things done faster.

    You want Mr Toad’s Wild Ride? That would be Linux. As a bonus, it will turn into a brick. As an extra exciting bonus, you’ll never know when, ahead of time.

    * Not that this ever happened to me on a HP netbook with pre-installed SuSE SLES, of course. I’m pretty sure that the fact that the WiFi disappeared, ninety seconds from switching it on/booting, and everything else made little squidgy noises and coalesced into a pixel, and all sorts of other things are not the fault of an incompetent OS. Nope, it would be me.

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  62. Please observe the rules: no NSFW content allowed, other than that all posts are fair posts.

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  66. Please observe the rules: no NSFW content allowed, other than that all posts are fair posts.

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