Worse than Windows 10

Limux is finally done for:


Politicians at open-source champion Munich will next week vote on whether to abandon Linux and return to Windows by 2021.

The city authority, which made headlines for ditching Windows, will discuss proposals to replace the Linux-based OS used across the council with a Windows 10-based client.

If the city leaders back the proposition it would be a notable U-turn by the council, which spent years migrating about 15,000 staff from Windows to LiMux, a custom version of the Ubuntu desktop OS, and only completed the move in 2013.

The new plan, put forward by officials in the CSU and SPD parties, states a Windows 10 client has to be ready for use across the council by 2021 at the latest.

“The proposal aims to ensure that no later than by the end of 2020, a new Windows Basic Client should be the standard city client,” a Munich city council spokesman said.

The use of the open-source Thunderbird email client and LibreOffice suite across the council would also be phased out, in favour of using “market standard products” that offer the “highest possible compatibility” with external and internal software.

The full council will vote on whether to back the plan next Wednesday. If all SPD and CSU councillors back the proposal put forward by their party officials, then this new proposal will pass, because the two parties hold the majority.

Dr Florian Roth, leader of the Munich Green Party, said he expected the council to back the proposal, given the greater number of SPD and CSU members.

“The direction is back to Windows,” he said.

Yeah, no further comment neccessary I think. Too bad they couldn’t have waited at least one more year for the ten year anniversary of LHB.


496 responses to “Worse than Windows 10

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