Nu Microsoft is a Linux distro

Microsoft seems to turn more and more into something that resembles a Linux distro company at the end of the 90s. We have the fanboi army, we have the compatibility-is-bad mindset, we have the über-arrogance of the guys in charge (despite the availability of more mature products in the targeted marketplace [tablet] and the obvious problems of Win8), we have the complete disregard of the current reality and customers and instead a messianic focus on some mythical future – Metro and apps in Microsoft’s case, Year Of the Linux Desktop in the case of their forebearers. Also, a healthy dose of stupid politics, at the expense of the customer, is there as well. Non-GNU software is bad! Let’s make it as miserable for the customer as possible if he runs commercial software! New Microsoft: Desktop is bad! Let’s make it a hassle to run the desktop and desktop software! And not to forget the complete snottiness: Windows 8 – Linux, is perfect! Everyone who says otherwise is a moron!

The similarities are stunning.

The old Microsoft never thought its products were perfect, and that mindset is one of the reasons they won the desktop. In the Kingdom of Metronia though it’s sunshine everyday and Metro is gift from the gods.

Here’s more how MS “transforms” to semi-freetardism:

Standards-even-if-it-hurts. According to freetard orthodoxy, a fart app is more valuable than a program that could generate stock market predictions without fail, if the former is “open” and/or adheres to standards. Same bug is creeping into MS. They have raped their .NET stack (worse: annoyed their WPF/SL devs) in favour of.. HTML! Steve Jobs wannabe Sinofsky was a champion in this regard. In opposite to that look what the “real” Jobs did: Steve Jobs blasted Flash not because HTML is great, but to take out a competitor to Apple’s proprietary offerings. Why championing HTML 5 and Javascript of all things? The main languages of IOS and Android (Objective C and Java) resemble C# far more than HTML+JS. And they want ports from these platforms.

Ideology over function: Metro apps would profit from chrome. The Skype app is a hassle compared to the desktop version. But, ideology says no! Notro must be chrome-free, it’s what the design language says after all! That’s freetard-think, just like kernel devs won’t allow binary drivers/blobs, even though the customer would profit from it. But GNU says no, sorry.

We-support-only-good-standards: One reason why Linux audio is subpar, is because just when an audio stack gets entrenched, a new one appears that has a slightly better design in theory but is completely untested and underdeveloped. Of course the community ditches the old one, implements the new one, hillarity ensues, the cycle repeats, but the ideology is served. Same thinking with MS: The mail app in Windows 8 doesn’t support POP3. IMAP is supported though, because it’s “better” in ways only nerds care about, even though POP3 is far more prevalent. Users are screwed, but the ideology got served. Worse, instead of not just offering ther POP3 option, THERE IS a POP option, only when you click on it the programs angrily berates you for using that shitty POP standard. It reminds me of “Spread Firefox” fanatics from 2004 “How do you dare to visit my site using the 90% market share browser!? Go away, scum!”

GNU/Linux quest: That’s minor, but the whole Metro yada reached almost FSF’s Linux naming quest. They had to change name because a German conglomerate owns the trademark (too snobby to run a trademark check, NuMicrosoft?) and MS acted totally freetarded here. Instead of just changing the name, they started to dicking around, claiming that it was never called Metro in the first place. Microsoft even wanted to ban apps from the store if they contained “Metro” in the name (what’s if your app is about the Paris Metro?). Thankfully this has been averted.


4 responses to “Nu Microsoft is a Linux distro

  1. after this i’ve read your blog from beginning/
    you are awesome!

  2. You sure do sound like a MS hateboi. Yeah, it’s like a fanboi, only you hate MS blindly instead of loving MS blindly. Windows 8 proposes no difficulties in running the desktop or desktop software – this is a clear indication that either you have not used Windows 8 or have used it very little. I have TWO PC’s with Windows 8, one of which I CHOSE to upgrade because of the performance optimizations present in Windows 8.

    But please, continue your blind hatred of MS, if only for the fact that it makes you look ignorant, and I get my rocks off on observing stupid people.


  3. You’re kinda slacking dude. When are you gonna call Gabe Newell a radical ideologue for saying that “Linux is the future of gaming”? Son, I am disappoint.

  4. “Why championing HTML 5 and Javascript of all things?”

    When devs won’t support your OS with apps, wave the “write-once-run-everywhere” flag.

    Sun did it with Java runtime when devs wouldn’t support neither Solaris nor Sparc as well as windows, loons tried with SDL and OpenGL (with a bit of “cloud”). MS is trying (for touch apps) to wave the “write-once-run-everywhere” flag with HTML5+JS.

    Now, I would love if all our apps where based around open cross platform APIs, but I don’t see it happening.

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