Let’s make this in a FAQ format:

How to contact the author?

Write to: linuxvictim (at) mail.com

What is the blog about?

Well, if you’re reading this, you know it probably already. But anyway: On the internet, it’s hard to find an opinion that is contrary to the Linux hype. Hopefully, this blog balances this a bit. All posts on this blog were written in 2009 and 2010 by me on the linsux forum before I’ve decided to archive them here.

Are you aware, that wordpress.com runs on Linux?

Yes. Though, the articles were written on a Windows machine and appeared first on a site running on FreeBSD, but this is beside the point anyway. This blog is not about Linux, the technology, as such.  I have nothing against Linux as an OS. Why this blog exists is because of the venomed obnoxiousness that grew around the OS.  You won’t find a popular OpenBSD hater’s blog for example, because its fans don’t invade every tech forum and call people idiots because they run a different OS. Likewise, when FOSS is criticised here in some posts, then the problem is not the concept as such, but what unfortunately developed around it. Calling people and companies “evil” if they aren’t releasing products under a FOSS license, making  a political movement out of a software license (and having all the problems because of it). Complaining about unfair methods of proprietary software companies, while using the same methods more often.

Why is it called “Penguin Day”?

Read this:

What’s with the “Linux is a god!” stuff?

Read the fourth quote-box here:


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