The Most Hated Windows Version

With the recent news about Windows 8 (and the unavoidable freetard-rage that will come with it), it’s time for an aptly timed quiz.

Take your guess: Which Windows version was the one, the freetards hated the most?


5 responses to “The Most Hated Windows Version

  1. Windows Me. Everyone hated it, especially freetards.

  2. Windows XP. Why? Because Microsoft’s support extension on it slammed the door on the only way Linux was getting anywhere near the desktop – el-cheapo netbooks.

    Putting Linux on netbooks is already being recognised as a “WTF were we thinking?” moment in computer history.

    Along with Windows Me. :)

  3. Hey, just wondering, without the linux fanboism, do you still like linux?

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  5. Linux itself was never the problem.

    And yes, I have no qualms running it when needed.

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