I’ve showed on this blog that the FOSS community was filled with quite insane people. Though, I’ve thought that the heyday of the insanity is over. It seems I was wrong. Thanks to a comment I’ve found Mr. Pogson. And he still lives the “Linux is a god” loon ideal:


I have shown GNU/Linux to thousands of students and hundreds of teachers over the years and will continue in some way doing that until I die in spite of the opposition.


Shame on Novell. They have sullied their own reputation entering into unconscionable agreements with the evil empire.



A decent review of anti-trust actions against M$ and M$’s fight against competition around the world is on Ars Technica. For those too young to remember or too busy to be engaged, there is a good outline of events from the legal side. If you have time, please read the documents on US DOJ v M$. They will change the way you think of M$. They did so many things to mess with competition instead of making a good product. There is just no other way to view merging the browser with the OS. It wasn’t an application. They made it a necessary component of the OS and they claimed it could not be removed. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Read how they threatened major OEMs with higher prices or no right to distribute the software.

M$ was not punished in any way, just told not to do it again. That might work for an innocent child but M$ is a brutal tyranny, ruled from the top down by evil men anxious to enslave the world


I have been accused of being a “hater” and I admit that, but at least I do something constructive about freeing people from M$. We discussed some PR from M$ recently about how loved they are and there is a follow-up on The Register and ZDnet.

The reasons given for hating M$ and the remedies demanded are diverse. Some of them I share. I think no matter what M$ does it can never remedy the evil it has done. Paying back money or issuing vouchers will not compensate for pain and suffering and days lost per user. No apology or new mission statement or even genuine change from within or without will erase the bad memories.


So, Mr. Pogson will continue to write this crap until he dies? And think about it: a few years ago there were a lot more Mr. Pogsons.  I think that’s why ultimately Linux failed to catch the desktop. I don’t think that any good can come out of a product that seems to be based in sour sentiments towards another product or company. A product that is driven by an negative sentiment is going to lack in quality. These super insane zealots were and are in the minority, but the zeal infected the community as a whole, to lesser extend.

What freetards never understood is, is that Microsoft is nothing compared to many other corporations. Monsanto, Nestle, IBM and many others make Microsoft look like Mickey Mouse. And yes, I’ve read the DOJ documents. Hardballing OEMs and including a browser doesn’t come close to real “evil”. (the browser story is a bit more complicated by the way) I wish there would be zealous groups like the freetards who would look at pharma companies with such scrutiny.

For example, GSK produces an SSRI called Paroxetine (sold as Seroxat, Paxil) which can produce side effects that border on science fiction. There is a well staffed forum, paxilprogress.org, that is solely dedicated to come off paxil.



Legal action? How?

I came off Seroxat 8 years ago, by tapering off over a couple of months; which I mistakenly thought would be long enough.

To this day I suffer:

1) Electric shocks in my head (but not as often and not as bad as when I would get ZAPPED between approx 5 to 8 years ago. The Zaps have been so bad that “I” would disappear for a moment and several times I could have fell in the road and got run over).
2) Feel ill every day, sometimes very ill.
3) Very tired all the time, every single day.
4) Low pain threshold and I hurt all over.
5) Insomnia which is aggravated by the above. No matter which way I lay in bed it hurts.
6) Mood swings.
7) Cold one moment hot the next, feels like I have the flu – but as far as I know one cannot have the flu for eight years!
8 ) Memory problems – where did I put my keys just 10 seconds ago?
9) Confusion and ‘brain fog’ – what day is it now?
10) Cannot multi-task and have problems understanding what people say, especially when other people are talking.
11) Sensitive to bright lights.
12) Sensitive to sound, especially sudden sounds which can make me physically jump and send like electric shock through my whole body! At times a loud sudden sound causes flashes of light in my eyes/head.
13) Panic attacks, palpitations, irregular heartbeat and I often get out of breath after walking 25 yards.
14) Low sex drive and impotency.
15) Pins and needles, most often in my hands and arms.
16) Itching under the skin, anywhere on my body, often under my feet, palms and sometimes on my head.
17) Numb patches on the surface of the skin with itching underneath.
18 ) Sharp stabbing pains anywhere on my body – like someone has stuck a knife in my body.
19) My hands or feet often twitch and/or move by themselves.
20) At times very painful muscle spasms like pulsating cramp, more often than not in my left leg. Can see the muscle twitch and it feels like it is being torn apart. Pain remains for several weeks or months after the event.
21) Sometimes I cannot see properly! Flickering orange to black Zigzag.
22) Strange dreams and thoughts I cannot put into words – like concepts I cannot explain in words.
23) Apparent lower IQ than I had before.

I have seen the look of disbelief in several doctors eyes as though he or she thinks its all in my head – well, the damage is, in my opinion, literally in my head – because my brain has been physically changed through Seroxat!

Some or many of these symptoms other people have also so it becomes apparent that Seroxat does damage to the brain and the nervous system in general. I know that it sounds melodramatic but what other explanation can there be that would account for the symptoms that so many people have and suffer?



I know this among other things was caused by Paxil.

My symptoms continued for about a month so I went back to my doctor and told him I was getting off the drug. he didn’t seem surprised. he just to me to ‘reduce the dose’
My idea of reducing was to break the pill in half one day then stop taking the medication alltogether. Basically I stopped over 3 years of anti depressant use cold turkey.
I spent the next few days feeling a little bit dazed and irritable. nothing too bad. but as you know, the full blown withdrawal symptoms finally kicked in.
list as follows:

Intense nausea
electric shocks that nearly knocked me over
weight loss (I was 103 lbs to begin with)
severe depression
disturbing suicidal thoughts
anxious (more like terrified)
no energy
very weak
‘out of body’ feeling
lack of coordination
body ache
muscle spasms

I was so sick from stopping this medication I could not stand in the shower, I didn’t leave my bed and was visibly unwell.

It’s been about 8 months. the initial withdrawal is over, but I feel I am suffering long term from this medication. I am a vegetable. extremely depressed, irritable, withdrawn. I cannot do my correspondence schoolwork.
leaving my home to do anything leaves me exhausted, I’ve lost interest in food and things that used to bring me joy (my horses, this breaks my heart)
Basically my mother takes care of me, I cannot be under any stress. I am sensitive to light and sound, my moods turn on a dime.



i have lost the love of my life due to coming off paxil and the withdrawal syndrome that i have been suffering. i am absolutely heartbroken and its only now that i realise that for the last 8 years i was on these drugs the condition that i had was probably a withdrawal syndrome from the first time i took it some 12 or so years ago. i suffered for a few years but with windows and now things are much much worse and the breakup with my girlfriend has just added to my despair.


i have mixed feelings about this. would she have left me no matter what the cause of the crisis? or were the insane symptoms that i have been suffering too much for her to cope with? paxil withdrawal is so unique and i know that my character had changed from a loving and caring man to someone that was completely at the mercy of the symptoms that i was suffering. i wish i still had her support but it has been very hard on her. i am just so upset that i allowed myself to be persuaded to take this poison and that it has had such terrible consequences.



I am consistently and constantly surprised that some person in horrible withdrawal who knows, as we do, that their pain comes from withdrawal hasn’t kidnapped and tortured some of the Big Pharma *******s. I’m not an advocate for torture or kidnapping, but I just wish someone could do something – that someone crazier than me WOULD do SOMETHING that would make these bastards think twice.



Im new here so forgive me in advance. I had no idea a forum like this exsisted, greatful for it (nice to know i’m not alone.) At the advice of my doctor I stopped taking 40mg of paxil to take 1mg of respirdone. She told me I should just quit the paxil and start the other. I started this hell ride the 9th of this month. One of the worse symptoms I am having is feeling like I have a unreal hangover. I think I am also having what is refered to as zapps, kinda like these wierd brain blip. This withdrawl has left me flat on my back most of the time. I had a brother who was on meth and I don’t think his withdrawl lasted this long. I wished I lived close to GSK because I would love to go suffer this withdrawl in the lobby of their posh building as prospective investors came and went. This drug may have helped me at one time, I have taken it for GAD for about 10 plus years. All I know is right now it is stealing days of my life and inflicting what I would call cruel and unusual punishment for the crime of simply wanting to feel better years ago.



The only way i can describe it, is like the wrathful vengence of some Greek god, a long, seemingly unending walk in a land of darkness and ice, where we experience the very pits of human despair and suffering.

I have been through much in my life, seen traumas unimaginable to most people, but never, never, in my entire life have i thought i would go through something so excruciating.

If i was a dictator and had a cellar full of prisoners, i’d never bother torturing them or scaring them in any way. I’d simply slip them some ssri or another for a few months, and then cold turkey them…..

I was telling a friend the other day (he’s polish also like you), that i’d rather be back in 1942, frozen in some god-foresaken hole on the Russian-German front, with cold, death and starvation staring me in the face, than go through ssri-discontinuation.


[Another poster]:
All this from someone who lost a lot of family many yrs ago over a short space of time, including 2 babys of my own, sad as it is to say, and hurtful too, i would rather re-live that experience than the one im experiencing now, given the choice, even that was taken away from us all.


About this medication alone, there are thousands upon thousands of similar stories. As far as I know, GSK tried to hide some unwelcome truths. (not warning doctors/patients about withdrawal symptoms until very recently) This, for example, would be a far more viable playing field for the tons of freetards. Far more worthwile than “raping Bill Gates”, the Satan incarnate.

Freetards are ultimately the product of decadence: Growing up in wealthy environments (you won’t find a freetard from the slum), most of them never experienced real hardships and real evil. Thus, in their warped world view, something like enforcing licensing contracts becomes evil and bundling a browser is on the scale of war crimes, since they have indeed never experienced something worse.

[Note: long time readers may notice that there was a posting on this blog that was very similar to this one. Explaination: I wanted to edit the old one and temporarily moved it to the trash folder. Unfortunately, I waited too long to restore and edit it, and the old post got deleted permanently]


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  1. Linux causes anal cancer.

  2. The WHAM Burglar

    Thanks you for noticing my post! :)

  3. I know this is an older article but as someone who just loves to tease old crazy Pogson on Linux Insider I just thought I’d point out something you may have missed, which you can check by going to Linux Insider and checking any of Pogson’s posts…he has Voldemort BAD, I’m talking full blown Voldemort! he will NEVER type “MS” or “MSFT” or “Microsoft” it must ALWAYS be “M$” or “that other OS” because like many loonies he equates words with power and i guess he’s afraid that if he types it a Ninja will jump out and get him. so any time you see old pogson post anywhere be sure to point out his Voldemort!

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