People want fossil fuel!

I’ve wrote on this blog already, that freetards love the copyright law. Except when it doesn’t suit them!

See here:

Thom Holwerda of OSNews fame is a classical example. He seemingly went through multiple orgasms when he found a video where pop singer Joss Stone (never heard of her before) condones piracy:

Out of sheer joy, Thom lost his ability to write for a while but regained it soon after in the comments section. Along with several freetards (OSNews is overrun with them since years). And yes, not every freetard is a pirate.  But nowhere will you find so many apologies for copyright infringement than on places like slashdot and osnews.

Now, this blog is strictly about Linux and FOSS. But copyright is an essential part of FOSS politics and is either viciously guarded (when it’s about GPL violations) or thrown out of the window (when the freetards want something for free). So let’s dissect the comments from the OSNews thread:

Thom Holwerda:

It’s not just us. It’s this way in most of Europe – i.e., the parts of Europe that are not flat-broke and drowning in debt.  [he means in most EU countries it’s legal to violate copyright]

Eh, Thom, no. Never heard of the European Directive On Copyright? Or the HADOPI law in France? (yeah, it passed)  I am not talking about the pros and cons of these laws. Just that they exist.


Th arrival of the web has shaken up the industry, and has pretty much taken out the need for the middle man (big content). What you are arguing for is that a law that was created to promote the arts and sciences is turned into a law that serves but one purpose: to sustain the outdated and failing business model of big content – no matter how many freedoms we have to give up to do so.

If cars running on fossil fuels ever become superseded by cleaner vehicles, do you also want the government to enact laws that forces us to keep buying petrol so the poor oil companies who didn’t adapt to this change don’t suffer too many losses? Markets change, and if a company or even an entire industry doesn’t adapt, they die.

But the truth is, there are NO cleaner vehicles! in fact, cars running on fossil fuel are in greater demand than ever.

What are pirates downloading? Creative Commons licensed masterpieces, made by Aunt Lizzy in her garage? No, just take a look at the torrent tracker sites. The top 100 lists on these sites are filled by evil corporate products from Paramount Pictures, Sony and EA!

Here’s the current top 5 from the “Total Top 100” on Pirate Bay:

1. The Green Hornet
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Megamind
4. The King’s Speech
5. Family Guy

Hey, dammit, where’s the deeply insightful independent stuff? And let me assure you, the most downloaded software products aren’t Linux distributions either. So, hypocrites, stop lying through your teeth. Everyone wants fossil fuel. But not everyone wants to pay for it.

Some chap on OSNews writes:

Why should an artist get paid if they aren’t actively creating? Thats one thing I never understood

Why not? What’s the actual problem? Is your life threatened by it? Jealousy? No one is forcing you buy it! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and don’t download it. See it that way: Maybe you will write a bestseller some day and you will get filthy rich. And if you want to “stick it to the man” – that signal would be much stronger if Pirate Bay would be indeed filled with Creative Commons material. The actual reality shows only one thing: I want it, but I am a cheapskate.

Look, I know you hate big media corps and all the  artists are too rich or too poor or whatever. But can’t you see that Pirate Bay and the like send a completely wrong signal? Imagine how powerless the media companies would be, if only legal material would be shared! They would have no arguments whatsoever anymore. Now, they just have to show a politician a torrent tracker site and say: “See, people want our products. If we just make file sharing harder for them, they will buy again”.

If you really hate them, then don’t download their stuff. That way, you would truly weaken their power.

Another cheapskate writes:

Abolishing copyright laws does not prevent artists from profiting from their work. Copyright laws do however prevent people from making a profit from their work. If I create a derivative of Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” I’m not allowed to profit from that derivative, despite the derivative being my work.

First of all, why I am entitled to profit from the work of somebody else? And the good news: His scenario is legally possible! Ever heard of “cover versions”? You can profit, you just have to give away a certain percentage to the current copyright holder (a severe problem when you’re freetarded).

Frankly, I think most of today’s movies are pretty sub par and the music is even worse, and I don’t even care for that topic that much, but this is not the point. I am just sick and tired when freetards beat the war drum when ever they find supposed GPL violations, how minor they may be AND invent at the same time piss-poor excuses to circumvent the copyright of others.

You can’t have it both ways. The same Thom Holwerda who had the best 15 seconds in his life due to Joss Stone’s video covered multiple GPL violations on OSNews without a hitch.

I am not for copyright nazism (unlike the GPL violation hunters): If you download two-three movies .. well, nothing to be proud of, but you shouldn’t be fined with thousands of dollars for it. Downloading a game that you have already bought but you can’t play anymore, because the DVD is damaged, is fine by me. Furthermore, downloading very old games, that are truly “abandoned”, should harm no one. I can also understand if genuine poor people download illegally something. But, what seriously gets on my nerves are the antics of wanna-be freetards who have the money and despite this not only pirate so much, that they can fill thirty blu-ray discs every month, but even boast about it in about every forum that they can find and spam the whole internet with their lame justifications and “we’re rebels” bullshit.

If you download stuff, be at least quiet about it, just like in the good old days. You aren’t modern day Robin Hoods just because you downloaded kesha_tik_tok.mp3 and watch Seth MacFarlane cartoons for free.

You aren’t heroes and you never will be. Shut up.


4 responses to “People want fossil fuel!

  1. It’s amazing how much mileage Stallman got from “copyleft”. The simple change of phrase apparently completely reconciles IP theft yet both the GPL and vanilla copyrights draw upon the same laws.

  2. Truth: You have it!

    Keep fighting the good fight!!

  3. Something to add to one of your quotes.

    Th arrival of the web has shaken up the industry, and has pretty much taken out the need for the middle man (big content). What you are arguing for is that a law that was created to promote the arts and sciences is turned into a law that serves but one purpose: to sustain the outdated and failing business model of big content – no matter how many freedoms we have to give up to do so.

    Yes, online distribution like steam and the apple app store has opened a lot of doors for small indie developers. But what does that have to do with copyright? I’m sure the world of goo developers are not so happy with it’s piracy rate. Why would only big corporations be dependent on copyright?

    This also does not make big corporations obsolete. There is a limit on what independent developers can accomplish. Most of todays blockbuster titles need financial backing of said big corporations to sustain development.

  4. Remember most GPL enforcement settles out of court with a requirement that who ever infrigned sets up a proper system to track the IP they are using so they use it legal. Note not just GPL and Open Source IP all IP. So closed source programs don’t get hurt either.

    This is legal in Australia
    “Downloading a game that you have already bought but you can’t play anymore, because the DVD is damaged, is fine by me. ”

    Uploading the same DVD to someone else who you don’t know if they have a damaged copy or not is illegal in Australia.

    Abandoned there is no such thing in copyright law. In a lot of ways I think there should be.

    ” I can also understand if genuine poor people download illegally something.”
    Really this is your big mistake. Poor hanging out with criminals don’t help them. There needs to be legal sources for the poor. Lot of windows bot net infections trace to people aquiring software from places like piraty bay. If you hang out with criminals expect to get shot basically.

    Something most people don’t get “Is your life threatened by it? ” The answer is yes. Because if someone gets there computer infect there si no reason why that computer cannot be used to cripple a hostital, bank or something else you are depending on to live.

    This is why we need copyright reform. This is also why we need places like piraty bay to cease to exist. Just like here with food if you are poor you can go and get free food its just about to expire so you have to go and get it every day but is free. We need something equal for software.

    Eating cakes and keeping them takes a quote from stallman but you need to read more.
    “You may have other good ideas. Let’s support musicians, and let’s legalize sharing. ”
    Note the keyword here FOSS world attempt to support the developers who makes the software. So we want to fund the people who make the music. Not the record companies. It does pay to read where people are pulling quotes from.

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