The world according to freetards

The world of 2010 that is.

Yes, time for another “archeology” post! I know, not exactly innovative, but what would be a better topic for the first year of this decade than the freetarded predictions (often made by tech “journalists”) about how the technological landscape of this decade would look like?

So, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the ride!


Linux will surpass MS in 2-3 years, just wait for kde 4 series and Gnome 3.

Posted on: 9th Aug 2004…rmalink?f268966


IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky said he doubts Apple’s tactics will work. He told NewsFactor that the company’s market share has declined in each of the last five years. “If the decline … continues, it is very likely that Linux (news – web sites) will take the number two spot in the desktop OS market from Mac by the middle of 2003,” he noted

Posted on: January 2003



Right now linux is the second most popular desktop as well as the second most popular server. Next year Linux will surpass Windows as the most popular server machine and in 3 years will surpass Windows on the desktop, world wide and in the US on Corporate desktops. In the US it will take 7 years for Linux to surpass Windows on the desktop for the average consumer.

Posted on: Dec 26, 2000


I feel confident that over the next 10 years MS is going to lose the
desktop to Linux in a big way. Confident enough that I would like to
bet money on it.…3?hl=en&lnk=gst

Posted on: August 2003


Redmond 2010

A tumble weed rolls down 156 Avenue NE. Empty buildings, their windows
smashed by homeless punks. Marketing brochures blowing around deserted
fields. A ‘marketing rat’, formerly a monied Redmond citizen, darts up to
snatch a piece of hamburger bun dropped by a crow.…32c07722c45a360

Posted on: August 2003


Part II:


M$ sponsored proxy wars will continue until Microsoft has gone bankrupt.

Say, 2010 or so.…a9dc724a9be1cc2

Posted on: June 2004


Because by 2010, we’ll all be running Linux.…lnk=gst&

Posted on: May 2004


By 2007, IDC forecasts, Linux will be installed on 6% of the desktops.


From 2004

> Question. Will there be boxes of longhorn (or winders 2010) on the
> shelves when it’s released?

The real question will Microsoft still be a monoply by then, if Linux keeps
winning the war, and then what will MS do once they have the gloves off?…?hl=en&lnk=gst#

From 2005

GM went from a world dominant player in the 1970s to near collapse
by the 2000s. This would align well with your figure of 2010 for MS, of

From 2005

You can figure that the EARLIEST
Windows 7 will be out is probably sometime in 2010, and won’t be
debugged until 2011, and maybe two releases later, around 2015, will
have the features and capabilities of Linux as well as the
performance, security, and efficiency of Linux.…5a84ab9a5ec8609

From 2008


By 2010, maybe most new PC users will be using Linux instead of Windows. The desktop Linux tidal wave may indeed be on its way.


From 2008 (SJVN)


Linux to lead smartphone OS market with 26.6% by 2010

The Diffusion Group forecasts that Linux will surpass SymbianOS marketshare in smartphones by 2010 with 26.6% of the market.

From 2006


Current marktshare: http://en.wikipedia….tphone_2009.svg Let’s say, the numbers are way off….


Part III – shattered dreams:

All posts are from around ten years back (1998-2002), mostly from 1999


Microsoft is finally pitted against a competitor that they cannot buy, cannot bankrupt and cannot combat in the traditional sense. They see their competitors embracing Linux, they see large, high-profile customers embracing Linux, and they don’t know what to do.


If we keep our wits, there is no way we can lose […] Microsoft has already crowned Linux the victor.


Posted on: May 18, 1999


Linux will win, firstly because it is a clearly superior product to NT, but furthermore because the way in which it exchanges value is more in touch with the realities of the software world than the current system that is in place


Posted on: November 1998


Is Microsoft losing ground to Linux?…6_3-964310.html

November 1, 2002


I think worldwide linux will win

But one thing is very clear for me. Linux will win and Microsoft will develop software for Linux


Linux will win in the end.
Plain and simple.

Various posts, all posted on 2002


Why Linux Will Win

The editors at PC WEEK will hopefully remember IBM’s OS/2 Presentation Manager. It was IBM’s windowing system, co-developed with Microsoft, and introduced in the late-80s, while IBM was at the pinnacle of power. Even so, Windows won, it became the defacto desktop system, not Presentation Manager.

Linux will survive for the same reasons that Windows survived. It’s more practical, the platform vendor is less powerful, and therefore the opportunity is greater for developers, and users will have more choices. Further, Linux has the advantage of being much less expensive than its competition and is free of licensing restrictions.


Posted on: June 1999

Linux will win
You do not have a chance
Linux is better
You will lose the fight
Linux will win
You cannot stop the revolution
Linux forever


Posted somwewhere between 1999 and 2001



The “we will crush you” rhetoric from the Open Source camp grows very tiresome, so much so that the mainstream media has found it interesting enough to devote column inches to it. Yikes!


Posted on: 1999

Some things never change..

Linux will win and Micro$oft will lose. So
sit back, have fun and watch it happen.

That’s right, Linux will be on every desktop
and server
because the all American Dollar rules.
What becomes a standard is determined by economics
( the cost of the product).
There was a time when you could get Windows 3.1,
for $30.00 and that is when Micro$oft
became a standard, it wasn’t because of
superior technology.
The genie (GPL, Linux, Open-Souce) was let out
of the bottle a long time ago and as time passes
it will consume everything. If you ask me, it
reached critical mass in 1998. The genie can not
be put back into the bottle.


Posted on: 2001


Linux will win. And deserves to win. Hotmail runs on Unix servers as far as I know. They tried to port to NT and failed.


Posted on: January 1999


I’m confident that GNU/Linux will win that battle


Posted on: September 1999


However, as big as Microsoft is, and as powerful as they are, the Community is stronger. As a Community, we have more money and more people than Microsoft.

Eventually, Linux Will Win Anyway


Posted on: 21 May 1999

Anyone who’s tried Mandrake 7.0 {Air} or Suse 6.4 or even Caldera’s
latest, and can still say Linux is 5 years behind W2k must own Microsoft stock
to be that biased.

I’ll say that the KDE desktop on my edition os Suse 6.4 is superior to
W2K in any respect you care to debate.…fccd25?hl=en&q=

Posted on: May 2000

Well… so much winning ten years ago


3 responses to “The world according to freetards

  1. “I feel confident that over the next 10 years MS is going to lose the
    desktop to Linux in a big way. Confident enough that I would like to
    bet money on it.”

    I’d like to take that bet.

  2. lack of vision, i think.

  3. Never underestimate the wishful thinking of Luntards :) They usually just bluff out nonsense like some irrational moron.

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