Ten years later – Super Loon Edition

Let’s conclude the time travel to the last decade  with some of the looniest of the linux loons. Remember, this is just the tip of the loony-iceberg.

All posts are from ten years ago (1999-2001). The “MS will go under until 2010” parts are in bold.

In many ways, Gates is equally ruthless, killing off competitors economically
in much the way Hitler exterminated Jewish towns.


Ironically, when Bill Gates announced his plan for world domination in
November of 1984, only a handful of people took him seriously. One of those
was Richard Stallman. It was Stallman and some of the other nameless members
of the Open Source movement who created the General Public License, and in
doing so, created the only effective means of limiting and undermining
Microsoft’s plans.

Open Source is the
absolute CORE of nearly ALL of the economic growth that has happened
in the last 20 years


Posted on: January 2001

If taking one percent marketshare away from Microsoft on the desktop means saving the world, then yes, Stallman is the new messiah.

I think Open Source was behind the dissolution of the eastern bloc, too.

If you cannot and will not see that MS is the biggest threat to democracy and
freedom the World has yet seen, then you deserve to suffer the consequences.


Posted on: 1999


Windows 2000 – The FINAL solution!

I was reading up the newsgroups at a post somebody did comparing Hitler
to Bill gates.
One world, One Web, One Microsoft,,,, or something like that….

Well,,, that’s a very interesting idea. Put your brain in your skull
and think along with me.

You’ve just conquered Poland (IBM), France (APPLE), and a bunch of
smaller other countries
Holland (Atari), Hungary (Commodore), Belgium (Amiga).

It appears this time that the war with Russia (UNIX) is being won at a
very slow rate.

Because your playing the Russian front differently than the last
anti-christ, your proceeding
cautiously and making notes on all the little details concerning the

You are constantly updated as to the status of the Russian (UNIX) front.

Your troops are divided into two camps. The Waffen SS (Windows 95/98)
the Gestapo ( NT 3.5/4.0).

But you see a new opponent comming out of the Russian Front. An
opponent who’s
gaining ground faster than any other before in history.

It’s the new Russian Army being commanded by General Linuxcoff.
General Linuxcoff’s army is gaining ground faster than any other Army in
the history
of the world.

You straighten your skull and crossbone cap. An idea has just arrived.
Combine my two forces into one fighting unit to maximize destruction and
looting profitiablity.

The 2000 Reich will be the last Reich of the Micro-people! HI HI HI!

I expect the bunker ceremony at right on 5 years from now.


Posted on: 1999


Things Linux can’t do!

Linux can’t go bankrupt.

Linux will never be drawn into an anti monopolistic lawsuit with the
Federal Government, or any other Government.

Linux will never be mis-trusted by the public.

Linux will be around when Bill Gates dies.

Linux will be around when Microsoft has long been forgotten and copies
NT are in the Smithsonian on display!

Linux will most likely outlast several of the worlds governments.

While it’s name might not continue to be Linux, through the centuries it
will travel,
it will always be with mankind.

Linux is like a statue which has traveled through time.

Linux is like the human race – as long as there is love it will be

In a strange way, Linux is like the pyramids in the respect that it will
with mankind for several centuries.

When I went to the Federal Courthouse one time, I had a man explain
to me that he works for another man who can only be fired by god.

But despite that, a Federal Judge will never be able to do anything

Linux doesn’t require a profit to survive!

Linux just needs humans, a small group of humans, to survive.

And we are the generation which has witnessed it’s birth.

And for that I feel privileged.

And because Linux has the power of life itself, I really wonder why
still have faith that Microsoft will be with us in 10 years much less

Isn’t Microsoft a corporation? There are a few corporations which are
100 years old.
Don’t think the average life span of a computer related corporation is
anything to write
home about.

Microsoft is but a mere mortal where Linux is a god!

And as we all know, mere mortals die.

And god’s can die too, if they are not loved or needed.

But even gods can be forgotten for several hundred years and then
be re-discovered and re-incarnated.

No mortal has ever come back from the grave though.

And by the way, haven’t you slept long enough?


Posted on: 2000

Some guy called Chad Meyers visited regulary the Linux newsgroup to.. uh, discuss. The problem was that he wasn’t fawning over Linux. BIG MISTAKE!

Microsoft is not just an operating system for people
like Chad. It’s the ONLY thing they’ve ever known!
Microsoft is the China man’s Opium!

And he will LASH OUT like a wild man in defiance
to anybody who wants to stop him from taking
his DRUGS despite the FACT that the drug


Pete was SAVED but CHAD is still ILL!
CHAD has been doing this for quite a long time now
and it may be we have to wait for Microsoft to BANKRUPT
their OS division
before we can save his SICK MIND.


Posted on 2000:

I wonder whether they have healed his disease ridden mind at the end?


4 responses to “Ten years later – Super Loon Edition

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  2. Seriously, though, Linux can go bankrupt. See Mandriva, possibly Novell, maybe even Ubuntu when Markie loses interest.

    Then there’s CentOS with the “whoops, the boss walked away and took the bank account details with him!”

    You basically have three choices:

    (1) Commercial. You pay for what you get. It’s still there next year.
    (2) Academic (eg FreeBSD). You pay nothing for what you get. It’s still there next year.
    (3) FLOSS. You pay nothing for what you get, and random horrible unpredictable things happen.

    Yup, I can really see people going for (3), once they’re educated and stuff.

  3. Linux will be around when Microsoft has long been forgotten and copies
    of NT are in the Smithsonian on display!

    And where are the Linux distros of similar vintage? They have similarly been surpassed by technological advances, and have fallen forgotten by the wayside.

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