Archeology II

Round 2!

All posts are from 1995.

Let’s go:

We begin with a prediction:


Cairo will only run on top of NT.  This is Microsoft’s biggest downfall.

They are killing themselves in the object market by virute of selling

Windows 95, which will outsell NT 1,000:1.  NeXT and PowerBuilder will

have object development tools for both NT and Win95 (with NeXT being

truly cross-platform across Unix, INtel, Alpha, PA-RISC, Sparc, and probably

PowerPC).  And if Taligent can’t get their act together in the next few months,

the only true object products that even have a chance at dominating in the

future are OpenStep and PowerBuilder.  (For obvious reasons I believe

NeXT will retain the clear advantage vs. PowerSoft).

I made this statement a year ago, and most people thought I was nuts, but I

will say it again because it is even more clear to me now that the following

will happen:

Microsoft will _either_ license OpenStep from NeXT or they will make the

Cairo specification open to the public.  Again, my estimate is that Microsoft

will go with OpenStep.

As I said: listen to freetard predictions, and then do the exact opposite. The only oracle that works.

Linux youth in 1995:


Look at Star Trek.  Look how in TNG, DS9, and Voyager, they are always

routing this through that (and running level three diagnostics.)

To me this smells like 23rd century piping.

Yet another reason Linux is better than Windows – it’s more Star Trek like.

Linux yoth in 1995 part 2:


TOP TEN reasons I have to reboot LINUX

10.    My mother turned my computer off while I was away

Anti-capitalism in action:


Linus goes to Washington: My Impression

Trip Report:

After driving 6 hours in the rain from Pittsburgh to Washington

DC to the Decus convention to meet Linus and hear him speak (I

attended everything except the 1/2 day kernel seminar) here are

my personal impressions:


Capitolism makes Linus sick.  He seemed to really be

irratated that Americans refuse to believe in anything free.

And he is additionally irratated that corporate America has not lept onto a free Unix.

Capitalism made him “sick”? What about the corporate-tourism he started later? I guess he was cured, once he profited from it.

(Pseudo)-Anti-capitalism II:


Lots of people (like me) are against the software industry.  Through

Linux we could put down the relelntless profit being made fby the


All the problems in the world would go away, if programmers wouldn’t need food and housing.

Anti-capitalism III:



Winblows was created for one reason…and one reason only….



Bill Gates is a moron:



We all KNOW DAMN WELL that:

1).  Bill Gates is a moron.

2).  His products are crap.

3).  UNIX OS’s are superior in every respect, and will be

for a long time to come.

3a).  Oh, well, AmigaDOS also does very well! :)

Come on guys!… lets act like the UNIX royalty we are, and forget about

the Micro$not/Macinturd peasants out there…

And we have again a prediction! Well, we know the fate of AmigaDOS…

I mean it totally seriously: If one would collect now all the predictions that are currently floating around on slashdot and the like, and do the exact opposite of what they advise, then you could end up as a millionaire.


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