Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run

Freetards had a shock when OpenOffice presented its experimental ribbon UI:



“Judging by the vast majority of the 500-odd comments at Sun’s blog last week, the new UI caused many to recoil at its strong association with Microsoft.

“This would be a killer feature for not using…. Don’t implement this,” wrote ‘e7’.

“The Office ribbon sucks. Please don’t copy it,” wrote Robert Hicks.

“This is the definite evidence that either there’s no God, or that he hates us,” tweeted another user. ”


Read all the comments for yourself:

And now…. Firefox embraces the ribbon!


“Mozilla has announced that it plans to bring Office 2007’s Ribbon interface to Firefox, as it looks to tidy up the cluttered browser.

“Starting with Vista, and continuing with Windows 7, the menu bar is going away,” notes Mozilla in its plans for revamping the Firefox user interface. “[It will] be replaced with things like the Windows Explorer contextual strip, or the Office Ribbon, [which is] now in Paint and WordPad, too.””

How do the hardcore freetards (like FSF culties) cope with their life? None of the desktop Linux predictions were fulfilled, the netbook strategies didn’t work too, and now they are getting humiliated by their “hero” companies, like Sun and Mozilla.

You definitely need to be something of a masochist to be a Stallman faithful.

Just think about it:
The most fascinating aspect of the whole GNU philosophy is that the GNU manifesto states outright and even multiple times that it will harm the people it supposedly caters too (the programmers) with all its “programmers should be low wage slaves” mantra.

This is absolutely unique. Every idea/movement/organization wants to lure you in with the promise that it will get BETTER FOR YOU if you join the cause, not the opposite. Every revolutionary leader promised, that  life will be better than before the revolution.

But with GNU it’s totally different: The promise is that the GNU followers will get treated worse than before! (if they are programmers)

This is a uniquely masochistic world view.


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