Microsoft videos vs. Linux Foundation videos

You all know the “funny” (and pretty stupid in some cases) videos by Microsoft:

Steve Ballmer Sells Windows XP
Ballmer sells windows1.0
Steve Ballmer feat. Bill Gates – Da da da
Silly MS-DOS 5 Promo Video
Stupid Internal Microsoft Vista SP1 Video
Microsoft spoof of “The Davinci Code” – DaSBS Code
Life At Microsoft – The Truth Revealed
Windows 386 Promo Part 1
Windows 386 Promo Part 2

No matter what you think of them, one good thing about them is: They are making fun of themselves and don’t take it that seriously.

Recently the Linux Foundation posted videos on youtube that Linux users submitted to them. Some of them are meant as “funny” too, well, here are some:

Will the Real Linus Torvalds Please Stand Up?
The Linux Foundation Video Site:: Imagine if Software was li
The Linux Foundation Video Site:: LINgo
The Linux Foundation Video Site:: we’re linux …and you?
I am Linux in a box

It’s noticeable that these videos are not as innocent as their Microsoft counterparts. They are downright malicious: The lyrics of the rap video have lines like “free me up of Windows pains” and “all you Windows homos”. The second video is a bash against Microsoft and Apple, and the third video is again a bashvideo, (“I wish it were Linux”). The fourth video is whiney “freeeeeeeedom” propaganda video,  and the last one has again that whiney tone (“Linux is the future!”).

There are much more Linux Foundation videos, but they seem to be all like that:

Can you find a “funny” Linux video, that is like the MS videos? With that I mean:

1. That makes fun of themselves
2. Is not whiney
3. Doesn’t bash the competition

All Linux related “humour” that I found so far was always malicious, it was NEVER directed at themselves, only at the other guy.


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