Some posts from the Linux advocacy newsgroup, 15-14 years ago. Not much has changed!

Let’s begin:

A Linux user shows his fine vocabulary:


—>: d) I wasn’t impressed with any of the pre-compiled kernels. Plenty

>: of problems being reported on boot-up. Didn’t have these with

>: stock versions I have compiled myself.

>What did you expect? A custom taylored kernel for your hardware?

Well, OS/2 or Winshit just don’t show you the errors, and don’t think there are none. Almost twice in a working day you have to push the reset button under Winshit cause the system hangs. And all this unusable shit they carry in their Windows kernel… Undocumented… Not working right… If you want to go back to it, just do it. I won’t hold you back…

>: – cameron “very unhappy with his new system”.

Switch back to Microshit !

This is from January 1995. As I said in one of my postings: FOSStards whine to this day, that Ballmer called the GPL cancer once, but the feces throwing (winshit, microshit, winsuck etc.) was started by them.

Fun predictions:

My prediction : MS will bury Novell with NT and OS/2 with Win 95. There
will be a tough battle at the Linux front. Linux may win in the end. Linux
until August of next year to get ready. We need general purpose software to
work under Linux. For example, currently I can’t use my flatbed scanner
under Linux.

Nice one, until: “Linux until August of next year to get ready”, well, we know how that worked out. (Post from 1995)

From the same thread:


However, when comparing operating systems, you can’t compare Linux to

MS-DOG or MS-Windoze because none of the latter are operating systems,

but that’s another story.

A good example of the primary Achilles heel of the whole movement: Always underestimating the opponent.

See here:

Only rich idiots use commercial software (same thread):


>2. To scan documents and and do word processing and use tonnes of other

> commercial software I use Windows.

Congratulations. You must have Ktons of $ if you use tons of commercial

software :-).

FAIL prediction: (same thread)


>Waterloo 95???? What’s it?

Presumably that’s what Bill “Short Egomaniac” Gates make his last stand


In ’96.

This one fits almost what Linux is today (same thread):


MSDOS was born, crippled, at the beginning of the eighties. It never

managed to overcome its initial limitations. During the years it

acquired new features, but it never evolved. It failed to meet the

expectations for an OS of its time, although it met the expectations

for an OS designed twenty years before MSDOS.

Anti capitalism in action (January 1995):


Just bear in mind that a certain level of sophistication is needed

before a person will even feel the need for more than DOS/windoze.

The tragedy is that so often the user in need of more power will look

to miscro$oft to supply the $olution, at inflated prices and inferior

functionality to what is available in linux…

Yes, all the dollar signs will teach them a lesson!

This one is a long rant against the Linux community – almost all the points are still valid today! (from February 1995)

I’ve read alot on the various advocacy groups about how one should “dump”
this OS or that and run
with Linux. Now, before I begin, let me say that I AM running Linux and
have enjoyed it verymuch. It’s fun.

But on these different news groups I see people all the time suggesting

to dump other OS’s in favor

of Linux, stating that productivity will go up. It’s more stable and the

like. But what I find funny is

how will productivity go up?

I really mean this. How will it go up when there really isn’t any

programs for Linux?

Now before everyone starts telling me about all this great free stuff you can get and the commercial stuff that’s coming out in the near future, let me stop you right there. For one, the business that I’m in, 3D Graphics and photo illustration, cannot use Linux!

Where is Photoshop for Linux? And I mean a full featured photo manipulation program with all the features and power of Photoshop?

What about Alias? Something as powerful as Alias?

Ok, how about just general office work?

How about a spreadsheet with the features of Excel or Lotus? Don’t tell me about the spread sheet program that comes with slackware.

You see my point? These programs I use all the time on

Windows/Macintosh/SGI. While I really like

Linux and it’s stability, there is nothing that it offers me for

productivy in my job.

Now, if I want to maintain a server or surf the net, I’ll go with Linux.

But remember, I’m NOT a

programmer. I don’t have any of the development tools that come with

Linux loaded on my

machine. I really have no use for them. I can see them being used by

programmers, then in that case

Linux makes alot of sense. But to go around newsgroups spouting off that

other users should

“dump” their OS’s in favor of Linux is just plain silly.

On a positive note, I finally got X/OpenWindows up and running on my

machine after hacking on it

for a week! The cause of the problems, my Diamond Stealth PCI card! The

new S3 server in

XFree3.1.1 solved it without much problems.

Linux is peace (1995):


>hey why didn’t that deranged terrorist blow up Redmond instead of that place in Oklahoma?

My thoughts exactly. One bomb like that beneath each ugly X building.. Hmm…

Wonder what the headlines would say? “Hundreds of no-so innocent people



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  1. McNealy practically bankrupts his company by going down the FOSS route (and loses lots of money in the process, although admittedly that money ended up in other corporate pockets rather than in a charity), and this is the thanks he gets?

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